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Wei Lung Wong Art of drumming hq at fort canning tunnel
Wei lung wong art of drumming hq at punggol field playing snare drum

Hi my name is Wei Lung. I am a musician and love to create videos about my numerous passions.

My passion in drumming was sparked after a high school friend introduced me to X Japan. I developed a dream to one day perform in an enormous arena as Tokyo Dome. That dream didn't come to pass but thankfully, I still love where I'm at now.

As I got older, Porcupine Tree and Gavin Harrison heavily influenced my style and I found myself obsessed with the wonderful world of progressive music. This gave me opportunities to session for Joanna Lim, Simon Yong and Luminous Dark on their respective solo albums, as well as play with progressive metal band Test The Divide.


Performing aside, education is my top priority and that led to the creation of my educational YouTube channel (Art of Drumming HQ) which has amassed more than 47k subscribers and over 8 million views. And a TikTok page (WeiLung_Wong) that has over 36k followers and 155k likes.

My 15 years of teaching experience comes from teaching at Sonata Music House, Yamaha Contempo School, Whitley Secondary School, Crest Secondary School and currently SG Drum Academy.

I have also taken the stage as a performer with pop singer songwriter Tim Koh, rock cover band Full Circle, jazz fusion band To Ensemble, and prog metal band Test The Divide, performing in Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan and my home, Singapore.

I hope to empower you to bravely pursue your numerous passions at the same time. Because I believe this will make you happier, and in turn make the world a happier place.

Thank you to my sponsors Singapore Drum Shop, Paiste Cymbals and Techzone Audio. All the people who've supported me on Patreon and bought merchandise and drum scores from my shop. You are amazing for supporting my career.

wei lung wong art of drumming hq at fort canning tunnel posing with drum sticks
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